Last time on my first post, I introduced myself, wrote about how I ended up here and what being a trainee at Rovio meant to me. This time I’m here to give you a better insider of what I do and what its like to work at Rovio!


It’s now been 7 weeks since I started this journey and time for me has flown! or as they say here, it has ”slingshot”. This usually means one of two things: either I have been having fun, or I have been really busy. In reality is both! So far its been a great ride; an educational one above all. Day by day I’ve been learning about what my team does, what our efforts represent for Rovio and how I can contribute to it.


You may be thinking “So you work in social media? there’s no mystery there… you just market Angry Birds and other Rovio products on Facebook, right?”, well, not in the slightest… If on the other hand you are thinking “fan engagement? Ah everybody does that, it’s just waking up and tweeting something like ‘Good morning everyone!’” then you would also be wrong. If there is one thing I’ve learnt in the relatively short time that I’ve been here is that what the Community and Fan Engagement team at Rovio does goes far beyond the “buy this, buy that, like this, re-tweet that”, type of spamming that is so common on social media these days. So what is it that we actually do?


For us managing online communities and engaging fans means to delight, surprise, educate, inspire and humor fans. In a company where the combination of brands+fans is both the fuel and the mileage, social media is the ideal platform to do all this! The key lies on using social platforms as an input just as much as an output, because our millions of fans have much more to say than we do.


The world is bigger than Piggy Island:


To keep things fresh and not have to rely solely in our universe, we like incorporating interesting events and holidays from around the world like the Chinese new year, World Environment Day or even the Eurovision song contest. For the last month these efforts were focused on the World Cup and our fans couldn’t have been happier about the Angry Birds+Football content that we shared and the “BirdCup” themed tournaments on Angry Birds Friends. As you can see in the image below, we were clever (or lucky) enough to bet on the right horse!


-@AngryBirds tweeted this image the moment Miroslav Klose broke the Guinness record for most goals scored in World Cups-


As the native Spanish speaker of the team, I’ve opened the Angry Birds doors to our Spanish speaking fans from around the world by posting customised content and of course engaging in fun conversations. My favorite part has been receiving hundreds of messages expressing surprise, excitement and gratitude from Spanish and Latin American fans that never thought they’d be able to speak to Angry Birds or Rovio in their own language. My least favorite has been trying to convince a few skeptics that I’m not using Google translate!