What is A Responsible Summer Job?

The Responsible Summer Job -campaign, driven by Oikotie Työpaikat. The main function of the campaign is to challenge employers to offer more summer jobs of better quality to 14-29-year-old youth. All in all, the campaign is already engaging over 540 employers.

The main partners in 2019 are TeliaDestia,  S-ryhmä,  Kojamo, ManpowerGroup, Lassila & Tikanoja, Promotion Point, Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto,T-Media and Talous ja Nuoret TAT. 

The participating employers commit to the six principles of a good summer job, ensuring a positive experience for both the employee and their employer.

For employers – summer jobs are a unique opportunity to make good first impressions on future employees. By acting responsibly with summer jobs, the employer can guarantee that the company is appealing in the future when the competition for knowledgeable manpower increases.

The general public also expects responsible actions from employers. The Responsible Summer Job campaign is a good way for the employer to demonstrate and communicate their values to the public.

For young people – the logo of the Responsible Summer Job campaign is a promise of a successful summer job experience. A Responsible Summer Job does not only help youth earn their own money, but it also develops essential skills and generates a positive outlook on future working life.



Fees for participating in the campaign are 20 € + VAT for micro-entrepreneurs (under 10 employees), 200 € + VAT for small and medium-sized businesses (under 250 employees) and municipal employers, 400 € + VAT for large businesses (over 250 employees.)



Management of the Responsible Summer Job campaign was transferred in 2015 from the Finnish Children and Youth Foundation to the Economic Information Office and T-Media. In 2017 the campaign had an unprecedented amount of participants, with 371 employers involved. Collectively they generated more than 55.000 responsible summer jobs. In 2018 the corresponding numbers were 450 employers and 65 000 summer jobs. In 2018 the campaign was transferred to Oikotie Työpaikat.

Each year the Responsible Summer Job campaign has a prestigious patron. This year’s patron is Pekka Lundmark, who is the Chairman of the Board of EK – Confederation of Finnish Industries and CEO of Fortum.

2018, the patron was the owner of Finlayson, Jukka Kurttila. In 2017 the patron was the CEO of Perheyritysten liitto, Leena Mörttinen. In 2016 the patron was the CEO of the insurance company Ilmarinen, Timo Ritakallio and in 2015 the patron was the CEO of Helkama Emotor, Satu Helkama.

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Päivi Salminen-Kultanen
Project manager / Oikotie Työpaikat
+358 440 727 9717

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