The Principles of A Responsible Summer Job

The employers participating in the Responsible Summer Job campaign commit to 6 principles, which help make the experience better for both the employee and the employer.

1. A good application experience

Applying for a summer job is one of the most exciting experiences of the year for a young person. A responsible employer will update the applicant on how the application process is progressing and will also inform the applicants that haven’t been selected for the job.

2. Meaningful work

Through a summer job a young person will get their first experience in a work environment and learn about various fields and professions. A meaningful summer job corresponds to the skills of the employee and is demanding enough. The duties, the responsibilities, the authority and the expectations are carefully defined. A responsible employer gives a positive image of working life, which encourages students to finish their studies and to become employed sooner.

3. Introduction and guidance

The employer will appoint someone to be responsible for letting the employee know about the rules and customs at the place of employment. With a well planned introduction and good guidance the summer worker will quickly get acquainted with the work at hand and will learn and develop on the job. Giving feedback is an important part of the guidance.

4. Fairness and equality

The young employee will be treated equally with the other employees and will be considered a full member of the working community. Supporting the summer worker is a task for everyone at the place of employment and if possible they will be offered the same working environment and the same tools as the other employees.  

5. Reasonable pay

The summer worker will be paid a reasonable salary according to the requirements of the job and the employee’s skills.

6. Written contract and testimonial

A responsible employer will always make a written contract with the employee. When the working relationship ends, the employee will get a proper testimonial, even if they would not remember to ask for one themselves. The employer will give the youth feedback of the work done and encourage them to share their own opinions.

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