What is your occupation?

I’m working as a summer trainee in Valmet Pulp and Energy business line, and my main tasks are related to new biofuel technologies that are in the development stage. I’ve been working on the process design of a project that aims to produce liquid biofuel from biomass in a single, direct step for the transportation sector.

What is your background?

I’m from Pakistan, where I completed my studies in the bachelor’s program for Chemical Engineering. After graduating, I worked for two years in a biofuel company in Pakistan. After that, I decided to pursue master studies in Chemical and Process Engineering at the Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, and now I am enjoying my studies here.

Why are you interested in working in this career field?

I chose biofuel as my major field because bioenergy is renewable energy. Biofuels have many ecological benefits, and they are environmentally friendly. Bioenergy is a sustainable way of producing energy, and it has a bright future ahead.

What especially are you expecting from your summer job experience?

I wanted to work with the new biofuel technologies. Old technologies are facing many challenges, so therefore we need to find better and more economical biomass conversion technologies.

Do you feel accepted and equal in the work community?

Yes! I felt like a team member; all my colleagues co-operated with me. There are a lot of professional and nice people working for Valmet.

What have you learned during your summer job?

I worked with a few process design and modeling software, for example, Chemcad and Matlab. I also reviewed the literature about biofuel technologies. I learned leadership and management skills working in a team project.

What are your career aspirations?

I believe in achieving goals through inspiration. I found new career paths in the area of biofuel research and development, and I would like to work with novel biofuel technologies in the future.

Do you believe that you can apply knowledge that you have gained in your position later in the future?

I learned a lot of multidimensional knowledge. I have further plans for my studies in the research and development area of bioenergy.

How would you describe Valmet as an employer?

I was very impressed by the working environment. All the professionals are contributing to the goals set by Valmet. Valmet is a global supplier of technologies, especially in pulp, energy, paper and automation. Valmet is also contributing to a sustainable future by utilizing biomass and waste to create useful products.

What is the most memorable experience you have had while working for Valmet?

It was when we had our final assessment seminar, when all summer trainees presented their work. We got a lot of appreciation from management. I felt very motivated after that seminar, and we celebrated with coffee and cake.

Did Valmet keep you informed and up to date throughout the application process?

Yes. When I was selected for the interview, they guided me throughout the interview process. After the interview, I was selected for the job. I felt very happy with this achievement.


Tarina on toteutettu yhteistyössä Valmetin kanssa.