What is your occupation?

– I am a summer trainee – data scientist at Nokia, and currently I am working on a big data project where I am responsible for developing a predictive model that uses machine learning methodology.

 What is your background?

– I am from Egypt, and I have a Bachelor of Computer Science from Cairo University. Currently I am studying my masters at the University of Helsinki.

Why are you interested in working in this career field?

– I’m a very curious person and I love challenges. In my work I have to deal with huge amounts of data. It sometimes feels like I’m trying to solve a big puzzle.

What especially are you expecting from your summer job experience?

– I am looking forward to meet new people and build my professional network, all while gaining experience from machine learning and statistics.

Do you feel accepted and equal in the work community?

– Yes, absolutely! Everyone have been very nice and supportive. I don’t feel that there is any difference in being a summer trainee or a full time employee. As a summer employee I have had all the same rights as everyone else.

What have you learned during your summer job experience?

– I have only been working here for a month, so there is much more to come. But so far I have applied new data modules and machine learning techniques that I learned at the university. It feels good to put your new skills in use.

What are your career aspirations?

– In a near future I would like to become a data scientist. But one of my dreams is to become entrepreneur, and start my own data analytics company.

Do you believe that you can apply knowledge that you have gained in your position later in the future?

– Yes, for sure! The responsibilities that I hope to face in the future are very similar to what I manage now in daily basis.

How would you describe Nokia as an employer?

– The most important thing to me that I am looking for in an employer is innovation. I am inspired by supportive and innovative work environment without borders and limitations. Nokia gives space to individual thinking and creativity. It also offers an encouraging atmosphere where you are allowed to make decisions and operate freely.

What made you interested in applying for your position at Nokia?

– I want to work with data science and the project that I am working on is truly very interesting. Nokia is also a very well-known international company and they provide lots of opportunities to learn new skills and develop your strengths.

What is the most memorable experience you have had while working for Nokia?

– The very first time when I arrived here for an interview, I saw a great collection of their old mobile phones. It was a nostalgic moment to me. I remember thinking that “wow, it is really nice to be here”.

Did Nokia keep you informed and up to date throughout the application process?

– Definitely. My current manager, also the one that interviewed me, told me that we will give a response in a week or 10 days maximum. And in the end it actually took only less than a week.


Text: Gabrielle Vikman

Photo: Teemu Granström


The story has been created in cooperation with Nokia.