Hi everyone, my name is Juan, I come from Colombia and you could say that this is the story of how I landed my dream summer job at Rovio. During the course of a few weeks I will be sharing my experiences on these posts and hopefully I’ll be able to give you an insight of what it’s like to be a summer trainee in what I believe is Finland’s coolest company!


This is how it all began:


After having applied to dozens (and dozens) of random jobs in my field I decided to stop playing the numbers game and spend the same amount of time and effort in sending truly meaningful job applications to the few positions that I dreamt about; you know, the kind of vacancies that will raise comments like “Are you gonna apply to that? You better know some big shot in that company!” among your friends. The truth is, I didn’t know anyone and all I had was all it took: an immeasurable amount of determination and hope; both of which took me through a handful of selection process stages and all the way to the awaited “Welcome to the flock!”.


My first day at the office was jaw-dropping to say the least. Walking through the multiple office corridors is a feast for all senses! So much that its hard to believe this is a working place and not a toy store: Angry Birds decoration, original art, plush toys and all sort of Rovio imagery covers every corner. This, together with an unstoppable streak of handshakes and new faces has me smiling all day long. I get my staff card, my new laptop, my iconic red hoodie and I’m all set!

blog picture-Hanging out at the office!-


I will be working with Rovio’s Community and Fan Engagement team, giving them a hand with everything that happens on Rovio’s social media presences for Angry Birds, Bad Piggies, Rovio and so on… The idea is to make sure that our community stays close and happy by giving them original content, announcing updates/releases, talking to fans about all things Rovio/Angry Birds and figuring out ways to make them laugh!


So here I am, one of the two candidates (among over 400!) that got the Social Marketing trainee position! After this exciting start things definitely look different now, especially from Rovio headquarters’ top floor. Stay tuned for my upcoming posts on the team, my role and some of the things that happen behind the scenes of Rovio!